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Journeying with Saints Francis and Clare of Assisi,
and Saint Bonaventure of Bagnoregio

We two Franciscans have embarked on this spiritual journey with companion sisters and brothers across the globe. Having conducted spiritual exercises in the United States, Italy, Canada, Philippines, England and Hong Kong, we have journeyed with almost two thousand people. We are still on the road, hoping to continue our collaborative pilgrimage. On our website we share with you our ministry in its various forms.

St. Bonaventure -
8th Centennial Pilgrimage, 2017

New Documentary on Assisi
in World War II and the role of the German Commander Valentin Müller


Book: Three Heroes of Assisi

in Warld War II   ↓

St. Bonaventure -
8th Centennial Pilgrimage, 2017

Within the present decade of this new millenium the eighth centenary of the birth   of one of the most distinguished friars of the Franciscan Intellectual Tradition will be celebrated: St. Bonaventure. We invite you to celebrate the eighth centenary of the birth of the Seraphic Doctor by attending a pilgrimage to Italy which birthed him and to France which birthed him into the Franciscan Order.


Bishop Nicolini, Don Aldo Brunacci, Colonel Valentin Müller saving the city, inhabitants and refugees

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Bringing Forth Christ
Five Feasts of the Child Jesus

by St. Bonaventure


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Love Holding Love
Mantras drawn from the Writings of Saints Francis and Clare of Assisi

A Forty Day Journey into God with St. Bonaventure



“For hearts and souls hungering for God, this book opens up new vistas…[the authors] show us how to get inside the heart of Bonaventure and how to embrace his understanding that all the universe is a ladder by which we can ascend to God.”

Roberta McKelvie, OSF

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