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Franciscan Solitude, 1995    
/ Preface by M. Carney  / for more ... Review by W. Short  / Purchase

Mit Mut und Tatkraft zur Rettung Assisis, 1999  
German Book Review/ Purchase

The Geste of the Great King: Office of the Passion of St. Francis, second edition 2011
for more ....

Three Heroes of Assisi in World War II, second edition 2014 
Review by B. Beckwith / Subasio Book Review /  Provincial Chronicle Review /  Purchase -  for more ...

My Heart’s Quest: Collected Writings of Eric Doyle, Friar Minor and Theologian, 2005  
Review Collect. Francescana Review by Br. Austin Review by Seamus Mulholland OFM   Review by W. Rouse /  PhotosPurchase

A Pilgrimage through the Franciscan Intellectual Tradition, 2008   
for more ... Purchase

The Cross Was Their Book, 2010 

Journey into God by St. Bonaventure, 2012  

A Forty-Day Journey into God with St. Bonaventure, 2012  
Review H. Schalück OFM /  Purchase

Bringing Forth Christ. Five Feasts of the Child Jesus by St. Bonaventure, 2015  


The Geste of the Great King: Office of the Passion of St. Francis: Music for CD,  2001
CD Cover and Purchase information

Love Holding Love: Mantras Drawn from the Writings of Sts. Francis and Clare of Assisi
- double CD with 16 page booklet
- Songbook


BOOKS out of print

Teens Encounter Christ, 1978 

In the Womb of the Cave, 1981 

Auf Gott zugehen, 1999  -  German edition of Journey into God

The Strategy That Saved Assisi, 1999   -  see Three Heroes

Journey Into God: A Forty Day Retreat with Saint Bonaventure and Saints Francis and Clare of Assisi, 2002      


Hermitage in the City, 1986   
see article

Clare and the Rule for Hermitages,  1991    
see article

The Rule for Hermitages for Married Couples, 1995
see article

The Assisi Experience of Spirituality of Place , 1997
see article

A Powerful  Woman:  Marianne Cope, 2000  
see article

Magliano dei Marsi , 2006
see article

Spiritual Motherhood, 2007
see article

St. Bonaventure and Justice 2012
see article


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      André Cirino OFM and Josef Raischl